PWG Strengths

Own Capital with No 3rd Party Imposed Constraints – Because we have no liquidity timeframe and invest our own capital, we can invest for the long-run allowing the type of support management teams need to execute their strategic mandate. PWG can move as swiftly as any acquisition process requires.

Intimate Knowledge with Online Channels – As businesses scale, they start to realize the true cost of traditional distribution. Diversification toward online channels can get brands closer to their ultimate consumer, allow greater affiliation or advocacy with the brand and provide immediate and profitable scale. PWG is an expert in this area.

Strong advisors and business networks – We have assembled a very talented advisor team and access to their network and deep and broad business knowledge helps our investee companies tremendously.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - We have an appetite for growth and a degree of risk tolerance for well thought-out strategic plans. We support smart management teams who know their business.

Creativity and Vendor Accommodation – Again, PWG’s long-term outlook and independent capital allows for PWG to be creative with deal structure tax planning, succession planning, partnerships or joint ventures.

Privacy and Confidentiality – as owners and operators ourselves, we appreciate the value of keeping information confidential and keeping the distraction from a capital event to a minimum. Vendors can know that any sensitive confidential information provided as part of a sale or investment process (including the fact that discussions are taking place) will remain strictly confidential.