Pearl West Group

The Pearl West Group is a boutique investment firm that invests in or acquires small-to-medium sized businesses in Canada and the US that are looking for growth capital or who may be contemplating an ownership succession strategy or event.

PWG invests its own capital and has no pre-conceived investment time horizon. While we are cash flow focused, we want our management teams to make longer term, strategic investments for the benefit of the business and brand development.

In addition to relying on our deep experience with mergers and acquisitions and with strategy development, we are specialists in direct and digital channels. We believe tremendous scale (at attractive margins) and brand affiliation can be achieved online by many businesses.

Our Philosophy

We are quite entrepreneurial in how we approach business and have started, built, operated, acquired, advised, governed and invested-in many public and private businesses and believe that the application of a proven approach to business fundamentals coupled with innovative (and potentially disruptive) ways at looking at customer acquisition, increases a business’ chance of success over the long-run.

While we are ambitious and outcome-driven, we are long-term thinkers and believe that businesses should not be managed solely for quarterly results or accounting driven earnings per share accretion. We are looking to build our equity value by supporting management teams and investing in businesses with great potential for growth and free cash flow generation.